Fascinating Art and Culture of France


French King Louis IX

France is very rich in art before 2000 years ago. French art stated in caves, painted animals were beautifully done and carvings too were beautifully created. Until now, France possesses the beauty of Roman art seen in their buildings and paintings. There are also paintings, literature sculpture, statues and others that were performed by the classical and baroque artists. The earliest from of art was developed during the Impressionism era. during this time, impressionist artist focused in their own way neglecting other people’s criticism and power towards arts.

They believed that there is no strict from of art and that they can paint or create an art for as long as beauty sounds. Not long after that, French accepted impressionism view and became the great art product of modern art in France.

France too had associated much with the people in Europe, this is why there are Roman art, Greek art and English art as a part of their art history. Nevertheless, France achieved its developed art embedded in its people’s houses and famous for the modern day art including fauvism, cubism, surrealism, and abstract art. These art styles are an influenced of the post impressionist. France too, is a ┬ácontributor to art, not only Greeks and Romans.


Most cultural heritage of many countries is contributed by French culture and tradition especially their language. French culture varies from region to region. Today, French culture focuses in Paris, the center of attraction, art, architecture and music. The dominant language in France is French although Greek, English and Roman languages came to the country.

Family ties is very particular in the country. Many people may have neglect family bond but French culture is also an influence to countries that value their family bonding.

French Cuisine is also varying in France. Traditional cuisine is not that emphasized in the restaurants and hotels. French sauces are not that used in these days.