The World’s Top Tourist Destination

Individual or group tour is always a part of someone’s schedule for a year. France is known to be a top destination for everyone.

France preserves beautiful arts and culture and displays world-class places to visit to. These includes, Paris, Monaco, Nice, French Riviera, Loire Valley, Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux and Biarritz.

Paris is the capital of France. It is the world’s most popular tourist destination which is known for various names such as City of Love, Capital of Fashion and City of Lights. It is a place of attraction for its romantic ambiance, top-notch fashion and art and culture.

French Riviera. This is a place rich of beautiful sceneries and a home of international tourists. It is located on the French coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Nice. It is the largest resort in French Riviera and a major port for France. Travelers can stroll along the city’s famous promenade des Anglais and enjoy a walk through its historic center.

Marseille. It is a major Mediterranean seaport which boasts best natural attractions such as astonishing blue water and limestone cliffs.

Monaco, which is surrounded by France on the three sides. The tiny country of Monaco occupies a prime stretch of real estate on the French Riviera. Monaco is famous tourist destination because of its facilities on gambling. The casino Monte Carlo is still one of the Monaco’s biggest attractions.

Biarritz. This is a place for world-class surfing. It has lovely beaches making it elegant destination.

Strasbourg, the capital city in the Alsace region. It serves as the seat of the European Parliament and numerous important European institutions such as the council of Europe and so on.

Bordeaux. It is also a major port city in France which is built upon the River Garonne. It boasts historic sites and exceptional shopping

Loire valley. It is famous for its spectacular scenery, splendid chateaux, picturesque vineyards and historic villages.

Lyon. Is the capital Rhone-Alpes region which signifies a long history and also known for its historic architecture and cultural scene.

Take a time to visit France and enjoy the romantic ambience and other beautiful sceneries.